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jagged edge - It's like This and That and um..
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when: 2007-01-23 10:30
why: jagged edge
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last night i was listening to the radio and they played a "grown and sexy" thorw-back song by jagged edge. it was "i gotta be".  you know, "i gotta be the one you feel, i gotta be the one you need, i gotta be the one you know, cause i will always love you so" or something like that.  

first of all, i must say i hate the term "grown and sexy" because it has no real meaning.  in fact, it may be the antithesis of the two words alone.  anyone who must say "i'm grown" has a problem with their maturity.  secondly, anyone who has to proclaim their sexiness is probably anything but sexy.  the two combined in the popular phrase "grown and sexy" is overused and simply is a cover for those 30- (maybe 40-) somethings who wish hey were still and their twenties so they could hit the club without feeling old.  there is nothing actually wrong with 30- and 40- somethings hitting the club, but just be secure about it. thus, my hatred for that term.  

anyway, the song by jagged edge made me all warm inside. you know how you hear a song a hundred times, but never really listen and understand the lyrics until years later when you are in a situation that the song describes.  i'm now in my first serious, serious relationship and that song just hit me in my heart.  i told my girlfriend how it made me feel (as i have learned to actually trust her with my feelings) and i could tell that it made her happy.  if someone would have said a couple of years ago, jagged edge makes corny love songs that are only meant to butter women up so guys don't have to figure out what to say, i would have agreed.  but now i understand that guys can get buttered up by the song too, haha.  i don't know where i got the phrase "buttered up" but i like it.
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who: evilwonderbra
when: 2007-01-23 16:47 (UTC)
why: (no subject)
AHHHHHHHHHH!! You posted on your journal!!! I'm so buttered up!!
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Misiu's Filijanka
who: misiusfilijanka
when: 2007-01-24 00:28 (UTC)
why: (no subject)
Mmmmmm...buttered up.

That makes me want some butter.

*Places a wad of butter on the frying pan, throws in three eggs, edam cheese, brie cheese, kielbasa and tomatoes, fries and eats furiously*
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who: evilwonderbra
when: 2007-01-24 01:54 (UTC)
why: (no subject)
AHHHHHHHH!!! Kika is cooking for herself!!! The excitement never ends today.
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