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when: 2007-02-12 13:26
why: babu
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So, yesterday night i took my sister out to this diner called Luna Grill. She had a grilled cheese, I had pesto penne. Of course Abony was there too, and she had some linguine i think. we all shared some very good chocolate cake for dessert. afterwards, my stomach felt like it was going to burst. i hadn't really eaten that much, but my stomach was popping out like a balloon.  abony said it was gas, but i never get gas.  she had this theory when she was little that only white people got/get gas because they were the only ones on those gas medicine commercials.  i agree, i think only white people get gas. in any case, i certainly don't gas, so why does my stomach feel huge again after my lunch of a deli sandwich and chips? i know this isn't exactly glamorous conversation, but i'm concerned.

in other news, this lady at my job was talking about doing the "snow dance" so we could have a snow day. she said the people at church taught it to her.  i thought that was hilarious.  not that she did a snow dance, but that this mystical dance was being promoted by "christians". i know, i know. christians are not restricted to believing in christ all the time. 

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who: evilwonderbra
when: 2007-02-12 19:50 (UTC)
why: (no subject)
I hope you farted.
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