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sleepless in seattle - It's like This and That and um..
Sorry it's like 99% private

when: 2007-01-25 03:21
why: sleepless in seattle
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so, here i am. in seattle. it's 3:08am eastern time, which i'm on, and it's 12:08 western time, where i am.  i can't fall asleep despite the sweet softness of my Red Lion Hotel bed.  it's definitely softer than my bed at home, and when i get home i'm getting a foam thing so my bed can feel like this, but it doesn't have abony inside.  it's ironic because i just joked with her that it's relatively easy for me to fall asleep away from home when she told me that she has a hard time falling asleep when i'm away on business. now, i'm awake and she's probably sleep. 

oh yeah, the guy at the front counter is new. i've stayed here several times, and i kind of know the people who work here and he is definitely new.  so when i checked in, he wouldn't give me a continental breakfast voucher. what the fuck man? do you know who i am? this is no ordinary continental breakfast, mind you.  the hotel has a real restaurant and bar next door, so you get to order from a menu (granted it's smaller than the pay-for menu), but you order what you want for breakfast for free, and it's made fresh.  i usually get the eggs, bacon, and two pancakes.  i know other people who get other stuff, but that's the best combination.  and this new guy is going to deny me my pancakes? clearly, he does not know who he's dealing with. ok, i'm only upset because he's one of those-- i know everything because i'm a geeky white guy types-- and apparently he doesn't know that i get the free breakfast, regardless of what it says on my reservation, CHRIS!, or whatever your geeky generic name is. 

goodnight seattle
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who: evilwonderbra
when: 2007-01-25 18:23 (UTC)
why: (no subject)
I was asleep, but just barely. I fell asleep at 1:03ish, I remember because I didn't get into bed right away because I was scared. The dryer kept making these noises. So I sat on the couch and watched Roseanne until 12:30. Then I lay in bed for a while tossing around. And then I looked at the clock at 1:03 and sighed and that's the last thing I remember. At least tonight is my last night (for a while) all by myself...
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